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Control of home appliances from the TV remote

Introduction: In this project, we control all the home appliances from IR Remote control (TV remote) .you can implement this project at home, office, and shops, gives you reliable results of controlling a lot of devices.  This project also gives you security and safety.

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For basic knowledge  study my blog “Control LED,s From Infrared (IR) TV Remote Control:”

Objectives :

              In this project, we are controlling home appliances from IR Remote Control. In this project, we are using the Arduino  Microcontroller and IR Receiver Module. TV Remote sends data to the IR receiver module sensor and the IR sensor gives data to the Arduino Microcontroller. The Arduino process data and further control the output pins. The output pin is further connected to the Transistor and relays. The relays circuits then control the Electric Devices.
       The Arduino board used in this project are Arduino Uno.
Electrical and Electronic Equipment’s:
         Arduino Microcontroller
         IR Remote Control
         IR Receiver Module
IR Sensor
  •        Relays
  •         Diodes
  •         PCB Board
  •          Soldering iron
  •          Soldering wire
  •         Transistors Tip 122
  •          Breadboard
  •      Jumper wires
  •          Bridge rectifies
  •          Polar capacitors
  •         Lm7805 voltage regulator
  •         Transformer 12volts output
  •          LED,s
  •          Resistors
Circuit :
Circuit arduino project Control of home appliances from TV remote

Relay Module:

       You can make your own relay module or buy from Amazon. The relay module I made my own four channel relay module from which I control four different devices both AC and DC.
But in this project, I used only two relays one for  AC light bulb and the other for DC small Fan.
relay circuit Control of home appliances from TV remote

 PCB Design In Eagle:

relay circuit PCB design


#include “IRremote.h”
             //Declare Constants
int receiver = 11; // pin 1 of IR receiver to Arduino digital pin 11
//Declare objects
IRrecv irrecv(receiver);           // create instance of ‘irrecv’
decode_results results;            // create instance of ‘decode_results’
//Declare Variables
int light = 13;
int fan = 12;
 void setup() 
  Serial.println(“IR Receiver Raw Data + Button Decode Test”);
  irrecv.enableIRIn(); // Start the receiver
  pinMode(light, OUTPUT);
   pinMode(fan, OUTPUT);
void loop()
  if (irrecv.decode(&results)) // have we received an IR signal?
    irrecv.resume(); // receive the next value
      //Declare User-written Functions
void translateIR() // takes action based on IR code received
case 0xFFA25D: 
     digitalWrite(light, HIGH);          //Light ON
     Serial.println(“Light ON”);
  case 0xFF629D:
     digitalWrite(light, LOW);             //Light OFF
     Serial.println(“Light OFF”);
     case 0xFFE21D:
     digitalWrite(fan, HIGH);              //Fan ON
     Serial.println(“Fan ON”);
 case 0xFF22DD:
    digitalWrite(fan, LOW);                 //Fan OFF
     Serial.println(“Fan OFF”);
    Serial.println(” other button   “);

Project Images:

Control of home appliances from TV remote arduino project
Control of home appliances from TV remote arduino projects

Watch Video Tutorial:

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